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Born and raised in China, Joey Zhao is an award-winning writer-director. She was selected by the Indeed Rising Voices Program season 3, initiated by Lena Waithe, Jackie Chan Project A for Films, Young director support Program of Beijing Liangjie Culture Media Co., Ltd. 


Inspired by magic realism and animation, Joey has been mentored by renowned director Emir Kusturica. Her works have been selected to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, LA Shorts International Film Festival, Asian American International Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, Beijing International Film Festival, Huading Awards, Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival, and dozens of festivals and exhibitions worldwide. 


With a Film&TV BFA at the Central Academy of Drama, Joey was funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council to study at AFI, and she is going to pursue her Ph.D. in Sociology & Film at Tsinghua University. Joey wants to tell stories that promote awareness for marginalized minorities and explore themes of females, family, and death. She aims to bring warmth, strength, and love to the universe through motion picture art.

导演/编剧/制片,中央戏剧学院电影电视系本科,国家公派留学全奖毕业于AFI美国电影学院导演MFA,清华大学社会学博士候选人。入选翠贝卡电影节Rising Voices导演扶植计划,成龙电影A计划,世界电影节短片奖基金导演扶助计划。埃米尔·库斯图里卡监制《北京是个奇迹》编剧。短片代表作《仿佛若有光》《去星星上》《于无声处》, 曾入选美国翠贝卡电影节、华鼎奖最佳短片、奥斯卡和英国电影学院奖BAFTA认证的国际最大规模短片电影节:洛杉矶国际短片电影节、​戛纳电影节短片角、北京国际电影节、金鸡百花电影节-海峡两岸短片季、第45届亚裔国际电影节、纽约独立电影节最佳短片、海浪电影周、blibli*AME评审团大奖& 保时捷最佳短片、UCCA尤伦斯艺术中心展映等海内外数十余电影节。喜剧电影《永不永不说再见》入选金鸡百花电影节创投初审。作品常以富有想象力的方式关注个体情感与社会现实,致力于通过影像艺术传递更多温暖、力量、爱

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