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The Game Of God 神的游戏

Sci-fi, Fantasy, Children 科幻 奇幻 儿童

Executive Producer: Chao Yang, the sixth generation director of China, known for Chang Jiang Tu (2016), 

Lü cheng (2004), and Dai bi (2002). Graduated from Directing Department of Beijing Film Academy. His films have won many awards at Cannes, Berlin, Golden Horse, and other international A Film festivals.


Stone, an 8-year-old leftover child, is often bullied and suppressed by his classmate Jia. Stone's parents returned to the mountain village to visit Shitou, which brought him great satisfaction. However, due to their financial circumstances, they had to return to the city to work again. Stone also fell into difficulty again and suffered consecutively his deskmate Lilly who transferred schools; Jia harmed him; misunderstood by teacher Wang... Seeing his and his father's reputations damaged and his position as a squad leader in danger, he breaks into the old temple alone in the rain to prove himself. He explores another world: a fantasy land ruled by a cruel God, where "honesty" is destroyed, and all who speak the truth are frozen. To save his frozen teacher and classmates, Stone begins a series of fantasy adventures...

8岁留守儿童石头,时常被同学贾厉害欺辱压制。父母回村探望石头,使他获得巨大满足,但由于物质生活矛盾,父母不得不违背承诺回城打工,石头再次陷入困顿,连续遭遇了女同桌转学、贾历害陷害、被班主任误解……眼见自己与父亲的名誉受损、班长地位不保,为了证明自己,他独自冒雨闯进老庙探险, 进入到了另一个世界:残暴的慌神统治的奇幻大陆,在这里“诚实”被消解,所有讲真话的人被冰封。为了拯救被冰封的老师同学,石头进行了一连串的奇幻冒险……

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