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Sci-fi, Romantic, Thriller

科幻 爱情 悬疑


In the autumn of 2049, 66-year-old ceramic artist Ying died at home. Her husband Shu put her body into the backyard of the hot kiln cremation without authorization. The police suspected Shu had murdered Ying and pulled out of half a lifetime of their bonds. The theme of this film is the relationship between time and emotion, and the two have condensed into memory.



2021 Macau international Movie Festival, MTM Award Nomination

2021 Golden Key Project, Finalist

2019 China Film Foundation WuTianMing Film Fund For Young Talents, Top 6

2019 Silkroad International Film Festival, Top 10

2019 China science fiction conference, Future Science Fiction Master Award 

2021 澳门国际电影节 最佳剧本提名

2021 金钥匙创投计划 电影组最终名单 (由徐峥,张一白,文牧野,郭帆,韩寒导演联合发起)

2019 吴天明青年电影高峰会 编剧项目六佳

2019 第六届丝绸之路电影节 创投会十强

2019 中国科幻大会 未来科幻大师奖


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